Customer & Property Management

Buyer Module

Licensee Module

Seller Module

Licensor Module

Property Matching Modules

Auto Match Buyer Needs With Seller

Auto Match Seller Needs With Buyer

Property Search

Buyer & Seller Search

Keyword Search eg. Mexico city, 3BHK, SeaView

Rental Management

Rental Contract Tracker

Rental Payment Tracker

Track Follow-ups with Licensee and Licensors

Agent / Executive Management

Agent Master

Executive master

Agent Properties

Other Feature

Upload Property Images/Files with Customers

Maintain Property & Site Visits

Data backup with a single click

why to choose property manager software?

  • Flexible and Cost Effective,One Time Installation Process.

    Property manager is very flexible and easy to use software, There is only one time installation process involved in that. It is a very user friendly software , easy to manage and very felxible.

  • Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to modify

    Property manager is one of the best software solution for real estate counsultant .It is very easy to use, fields listed in software are easily manageable.

  • Save Time and Money

    All you pay is a one-time licensing fee! No fee for transactions, no large monthly fees, no sneaky add-on fees like you get with “free” software.

  • Secure and Powerful

    Property Manager is the only software you can run on your own PC . It works on any PC, even a shared one, while featuring industry leading security — naturally!

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    Of Our

About Us

Welcome to property manager site, we assure you that this site will satisfy all your real estate IT solutions requirement.We are proud to be the No. 1 provider of offline & online Real Estate software solution in India.
Property manager gives you a complete set of solution ,which will satisfy all your businees requirement.
Property Manager plays a vital role in taking your business to the next level. Property manager software handles all of the legal aspects of dealing with tenants and maintaining a property.

Starter Kit (1 PC) - $ 150

LAN Edition - 1 PC

  • Consists Basic Features
  • 1 PC Edition
  • 1 PC Users Panels

Professional (5 PC) - $ 750

Lan Edition - 5 PC

  • Basic Features
  • Up to 5 PC Edition
  • 5 PC Users Panels

Advanced (10 PC) - $ 1250

Lan Edition - 10 PC

  • Extended Features
  • Upto 10 PC Edition
  • 10 PC Users Panels

Property Manager for Real Estate Agency

Property Manager is designed to automate the real estate business and is capable of serving several thousands customers at a time. This all-in one solution provides an integrated working environment for real estate employees, which results in streamlined business processes.

The system provides a centralized storage of business data and enhances communication between your customers and your executives. The system is designed for real-time data delivery.

If you are looking for software that is straight-forward, flexible and easy to learn, T3 Software's Property Manager could be the answer for your real estate agency.


"T3 Property Manager Software" is designed to free up your headache, so that you can focus on to grow your business.

"Affordable and smarter residential property management solution"

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Role-based Security

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